LinkedIn and ChatGPT: The Power Duo for Next Level Sales and Marketing (preregistration required, limited to 35 advisors)
Date & Time
Sunday, October 15, 2023, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Sheri Fitts


In the digital age, effectively leveraging top-tier platforms is crucial for business growth and successful communication. Dive into how LinkedIn and ChatGPT, when integrated, can boost your business to new heights in this immersive session. You'll learn how to combine LinkedIn's unparalleled networking potential with ChatGPT's advanced AI capabilities. We'll reveal practical strategies for refining your LinkedIn presence, crafting high-quality content, and cultivating valuable connections—all underpinned by AI-driven insights.

This hands-on session uncovers how you can use these tools collaboratively to optimize your sales efforts, prepare impressively for meetings and presentations, elevate your brand messaging, and generate engaging, personalized content at scale. Grasp the combined power of LinkedIn and ChatGPT for your practice, learn how to utilize AI-driven content creation for impactful LinkedIn communication, discover the secret to impressively prepping for meetings and presentations, and leave with actionable steps to amplify your LinkedIn networking and communication using ChatGPT.

Join us to explore the future of professional networking and communication, where AI converges with LinkedIn, and traditional practices undergo a transformation.

Location Name
Annapolis 3-4
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