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Rosalyn Brown
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Vice President
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Rosalyn Brown, CRPS ® is currently a Senior Business Development officer at a large regional financial institution where she provides holistic and strategic capital solutions for foundations, endowments, and for profit entities with excess capital as well as advisory services to employers with retirement plans to help retain and attract talent. Growing up in Columbus, GA where her mom worked at fast food restaurants and dad was medically retired from the military her primary money lessons were in survival. With a mixture of luck and preparation she joined the Leadership Development Program for a large regional bank with a specialty in Wealth Management. It was here she earned multiple FINRA, insurance, and planning licenses then later her Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist certification. This experience and training allowed her to assist people from a world many times unlike her own.

Connecting the world unlike her own to the world of wealth became a life mission. The ability to apply tested lessons of the wealthy became a habit and caused her to join the FIRE (Financially Independent Retire Early) movement. Here she found many people with a similar passions but few that looked like her and could relate to the adversity that Black women encounter on this journey so it was clear that Black Women need a community to learn and grown and from there Your Wealth Guidance was born. Our community of almost 4000 engage daily in discuss, education, and mostly our Money Monday series where we provide actionable insights to utilize and implement on your Financial Independence journey. You can find recordings of previous Money Mondays on the YouTube channel Your Wealth Guidance.

It is through her work with organizations like WIPN as their Vice President and YWG that she will champion Financial Independence for an entire population. Financial Independence brings an immense amount peace to not have financial obligations force you to ignore your peace, passions, or loved ones. Rosalyn’s passions include family, financial health, dogs, and travel. Her vision and methods to get to a place where these can all be a priority are the motivation to ensure we can be guided by what brings us happiness rather than sacrificing peace for life’s necessities.
Rosalyn Brown