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Alex Murgiua
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I graduated from George Washington University with a doctorate in Psychology. I was a successful student, as I received a research grant as a fellow for the National Institutes of Health. It is here where I learned the foundation of what a scientist-practitioner was all about.
Upon graduating though, my research interests evolved to investments, and I sought a formal career in the financial industry. Staying true to my scientist-practitioner mindset, I joined McLean Asset Management and was able to publish a number of articles, and one went on to win a fancy award too! I also, founded a financial planning software company with Wade to better serve the industry and our underlying clients.
And now, Wade and I have decided to focus our efforts on the RISA™. We are extremely excited about its potential to impact your lives for the better.
I live with my wife, Kristi. We have three boys, a wild bunny running around in our backyard, and a dog named Mandy.
Alex Murgiua