Full Name
Jennifer Rayner
Job Title
Firm Name
Moniwell, SPC
Speaker Bio
A passionate entrepreneur and thought leader, I have spent the past 25 years in the financial industry. I am a financial benefit & financial wellness consultant, working with employers to redesign, implement and communicate corporate retirement plans. I focus on solutions that address the everyday workers’ immediate needs.

In 2018, I completed the purchase of the independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm at which I had worked for over 20 years. I started as an executive assistant, spent many years as a “licensed lackey” and eventually found my niche in the retirement plan space. Being the sole owner of a completely independent firm has given me the freedom to speak my mind and become an advocate for change.

My passions spill over into many aspects of financial well-being and money mental health. I am now emboldened to focus on a mission to disrupt the financial industry, by advocating for innovation that will address a person’s immediate money challenges.

I founded Moniwell, a Social Purpose Company, in 2020. We launched 🚀 the “MoniConfident: Feel Better, Do Better” program in 2022. This disruptive, financial wellness texting 💬 program helps people feel better about money. Because when we feel better about money, we do better with our money, and everyone reaps the rewards.

We are proving that there are ways for the financial industry to tackle 🎬 money mental health in an innovative and scalable way.

I’m also an admitted British crime show addict and repeat senior dog rescuer, because even dogs 🐾 deserve a comfortable retirement.
Jennifer Rayner