Full Name
Craig Rosenthal
Job Title
Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Administrative Officer
Firm Name
Fiduciary Decisions
Speaker Bio
There is a place where business needs and technology solutions meet that drives me. Taking an idea, defining its end state, identifying the right people, envisioning a technology roadmap, crafting end to end messaging and delivering customer satisfaction is where I excel.

I have been lucky enough to hold senior project management, technology, service, sales, marketing and strategy roles. This wasn't random. This was a purposeful effort to ensure that I knew all the aspects of how a product or service went from concept to reality to success.

What have I learned about myself going through this continuum?

I can successfully be part of growing a business from zero to hero.
- We started with an idea, no money and no brand
- We now have a patent, universally recognized services and an unquestionable brand
- The business is highly profitable; client satisfaction is high and we built a great team

I can define, align, lead and grow teams with varying skills
- I love the camaraderie that comes from working towards a common goal and achieving success
- I truly care about what the customers need and want
- I am not afraid to ask others what they think and be inclusive in my decision making
- Understanding project management, sales, service, strategy, marketing and technology is a huge advantage
- I prefer stories to specifications

The world is changing and so am I
- Always open to new solutions and technology because there are always new and better ways evolving
- I may know what I want but a compelling argument or data that shows otherwise will get me back to the drawing board
- Stress kills. Give me a problem and I will logically and calmly find a solution
- Life is short. Be happy and productive at work. Take vacations. Enjoy your family and friends. Eat great food. Exercise. Laugh. Dream.
Craig Rosenthal