Full Name
Sheri Fitts
Job Title
Founder & CEO
Firm Name
Sheri Fitts & Co.
Speaker Bio
Sheri Fitts, founder/CEO, is a compelling public speaker and financial services marketing, sales and brand guru on a mission to amplify the heart of financial services. Sheri harnesses the power of emotional connection to help financial professionals create more trust in their client relationships and make their engagements more meaningful to their businesses, and more impactful to their bottom line.
Her deep expertise in the retirement plan and wealth management industries, gained over nearly 30 years on both the buy and sell side as well as starting two companies, gives her special insight into what drives investor behavior and sales. Her latest industry innovation, digitalEQ™ (Digital Emotional Intelligence), is Sheri’s highly personalized approach to helping financial professions use thought leadership, branding, marketing, and presentations to be unforgettable.

Sheri wrote and published Deconstructing Digital: Simple Ways to Connect with Your Next-Generations Financial Clients, a guide for advisors navigating the digital realm. And, as the host of the Women Rocking Wall Street podcast, Sheri champions diversity, gender pay parity and the critical need to include women in corporate boardrooms.

A compassionate technologist and entrepreneur (at age five, she made and marketed rose-scented perfume door-to-door), Sheri is leading and demonstrating how to humanize financial services—the key to reimagining how advice can be delivered to more people with greater impact. As a young single mom, Sheri remembers struggling with financial insecurity. When she was hired as a graphic designer at an investment firm in the 1990s, she saw just how the financial services industry can make a real difference in people’s lives. Sheri realized her mission was to help financial professionals have more meaningful engagements with their clients, so they feel financially confident.
Sheri Fitts